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Global markets are 24x7, high-velocity and dynamic, but business negotiations are slow and chained to the desktop. Intellext puts an AI negotiation deal team in your pocket and recommends strategic options by analyzing thousands of data points,which results in faster contracting, 42% better deals, and 30% lower costs.

Negotiate Anything. Anywhere. Anytime. Augmented by AI.

IntelleXt puts an intelligent negotiation deal team in your pocket; increasing your competitive edge, flexibility and resilience. Negotiate anything from a commercial loan to a merger or acquistion on your mobile or desktop, quick and simple.

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Consolidate, manage, and analyze communications using modern century tools. Say the right thing at the perfect moment - every time.


From market data and performance tracking to team cohesion, we have all the information you need, when you need it.

Smart Repository

Generate new drafts and track ongoing agreements with our AI-powered contract management system.

Negotiation CoPilot(TM) at Your Fingertips




Those ensuring conformity with internal compliance guidelines as well as external regulatory requirements

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Best Practices

Behavioral understanding of each user allows us to better understand their dynamics and interactions, smooth out the relationships, e.g. establish trust from the anticipated strengths and weaknesses

Sentiment analysis - Better understanding of the dialogue

Game theory - Coming up with optimal options and strategic moves

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Market Insights

Targeted information about market dynamics, e.g. competitive pricing, supply chain awareness, Counterparty intelligence

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Situation Awareness

Birds eye view on negotiation ecosystem - identifying current priorities and suggesting the best course of action

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Value Optimization 

Mapping of both parties cost and value functions to compute tradeoffs to optimize contract value, e.g. logistics tradeoffs, such as where a product ships from vs. delivery date.


Multi-asset exchange model

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Where we fit in

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​We cut out the process of redlining and communicating through multiple third-party channels. Our comprehensive platform streamlines the experience, merging CLM technology with negotiation and analytics in an intuitive package.

We live in a dynamic world. No one is chained to their desk 24x7. Why should negotiations be any different? IntelleXt puts a pocket negotiator in your hands so that you can negotiate in real time with relevant market data from anywhere.

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AI Engine computes stakeholder preferences and alignment

IntelleXt’s AI engine analyzes thousands of data points that could affect a deal’s outcome and suggests tradeoff options that maximizes contract value.

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Smart deal team suggests strategic moves.

While you’re negotiating, IntelleXt’s smart deal team suggests strategic options that can help you close deals faster, while also helping to optimize deal outcomes.

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Real-time, on-the-go negotiation and market insight

Everything is negotiable

Negotiating is a part of everyday life, not to be feared, but to be embraced. The person at the other side of the table is a human being just like you. If you break down negotiations, it's simply a matter of tradeoffs; what’s important to each party, just like buying a car, a house or even haggling with your significant other about who's taking out the trash tonight.

In this interview with the American Negotiation Institute, Intellext CEO David Chan discusses:

1. Defining clear negotiation ground rules

2. Doing your homework

3. Not wasting your time on Barney deals

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Reduce Legal Costs & Compliance Risks

Intellext’s automated compliance responses and easy navigation of important contract aspects help you reduce compliance risks. We help reduce your negotiation costs by up to 30%.


  • Auto-respond with corporate and regulatory compliance guidelines

  • Streamlines your business and regal review process

  • Store all of your contracts in a smart repository.

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Contract Value

Let Intellext patented AI and Machine learning technologies work for your business and it will give you full control of key terms in the contracts. Maximization of total contract value averages 42%.

  • Learn negotiation preferences from previously executed contracts

  • Intervene with real-time strategic negotiation options

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Deal Closures

Close negotiations quickly with Intellext. By allowing our AI to crunch the numbers for you, get swift deals and cut the costs right at your fingertips.

  • Negotiate key terms, not contracts or clause

  • Align internal stakeholders and Counterparties

  • Follow negotiation “best practices”

Our platform helps internal and external stakeholders stay aligned and coordinated throughout the negotiation process. Deal outcomes are optimized for win /win and often additional contract value is discovered & realized.

Faster, Smarter, Better Deals


What Experts Say About Us

Chris Harris

Senior Payments Strategist, Silicon Valley Bank

“IntelleXt is radically transforming contract negotiations by using cutting edge artificial intelligence to improve negotiations and reduce costs between parties involved.”

Executives recognize the impact negotiations have
on corporate performance

CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs believe that having a “Negotiation Center of Excellence” will have high impact in Negotiation outcomes.

CEOs and CFOs have shown an interest in introducing a new role "Chief Negotiations Officer to help deliver better negotiation results"

CEOs and CFOs believe creating a Chief Negotiation Officer role for their organizations will add at least 3% EBIT


With increased complexity comes greater opportunity for efficiency and growth. Negotiation holds the key.

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We’re proud of our partnerships, whose contributions solidify and enhance our vision.

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