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About Us

Intellext™ is an AI startup that is revolutionizing the way contracts are negotiated, accelerating time to close, and improving deal terms. Intellext’s Intelligent Negotiation Platform eliminates the complexities of contract redlines and stakeholder collaboration and optimizes deal terms by applying machine learning during the negotiation process

To help enterprises make faster, smarter negotiation decisions by amplifying human intuition with AI superpowers.

Our Story

IntelleXt was founded by David Chan in 2020. The original concept was simple, maintaining historical negotiation practices, while at the same time, revolutionizing the process. While negotiations will still be made in person, the market is shifting towards being more virtual. Starting out in a small office garage, we at Intellext have created a unique platform for negotiations utilizing AI/ML technology that will further benefit the way that businesses and everyday people negotiate.


Our Journey

One of the earliest known contracts dates to Mesopotamia in 2300 B.C. It was for the sale of the slave, Ea-tappi, for ten shekels of silver. The contract was one sentence long, written and sealed by the scribe named Appa, in the presence of the sons of Likua and Immeru. Hyperforward to 2018. Harvard Business Review wrote “What do you call a dense, overly lengthy contract that is loaded with legal jargon and virtually impossible for a non lawyer to understand? The status quo.”

This is why we founded Intelllext in 2019. To challenge the status quo. What purpose do contracts serve other than to mitigate risk? If ordinary people are overwhelmed by contract legalese, how can they intelligently negotiate business terms? And, with more complex, remote, and global teams, how do key stakeholders stay aligned and “in the loop.” We’ve made a few pivots along the way, but the compass still points toward the Northern Star – eliminate contract noise, drive transparency in negotiations and empower communications and collaboration among stakeholders.

Our incredible team comes from all walks of life: a professional pianist turned UI/UX designer, a Dream Corps volunteer turned Chief Innovation Officer, and a video editor turned Legal Researche Lead. But, all of us have one singular goal in mind: make negotiations as simple as a handshake.


Our Mission


Our Leadership Team

Behind the powerful Intellext platform there is a team of great leaders and talented individuals. We are proud of our team, their effort, support, and expertise that has driven our company into great paths.


David Chan
Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Rudy Darken
Chief Technology Officer


Amit Sethi
Chief Financial Officer


Rashi Dhir
General Counsel


Brooke Bornick
Chief Business Officer


Marjorie delos Reyes
Operations Manager


Justin Wong
UX/UI Designer


Dongying Ma
UX/UI Designer


Board of Advisors

Our advisors provide decades of education and experience to solidify Intellext’s vision. From venture capital, contract optimization research, B2B negotiation and more they ensure our ideas remain grounded and pragmatic.


Michael Dolbec

Managing Partner at Momenta

Michael Wheeler.png

Prof. Michael Wheeler

Author and Senior Fellow, PON at Harvard Law School 


Dan Nadir

Chief Product Officer at Theta Lake


Kimberlie Cerrone

Founder and CEO of

Tiatros Inc.


Prof. Keld Jensen

Expert in Negotiations, Behavioral Economics and Trust


Mark Small

Senior VP of Global Sales at Cofense


Anu Gardiner, PhD

Enterprise Sales Executive


Scott Carter

Investor and Former CEO of ID Analytics

Join the Team

We are a team looking to revolutionize the negotiation process while having fun doing so. Want to join the team? Shoot us an email.

Our Office

At Intellext, our company culture is about having fun, while working hard. We seek those who are always looking to go the extra mile in bringing success to our company. No matter where you are located, we strive to create everlasting relationships with one another. We truly are a family, and we welcome anyone at any level to come and join us in transforming the way business value is negotiated.

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Our Values

For us, principles aren't a sales pitch but a lifestyle.

Our company exists because of who we are.

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Improving life & business is our mission. From interns to C-levels, we are all deeply passionate about bringing negotiation back to its roots; the handshake. Too often number crunching and decision complexity get in the way of building trust - causing anxiety, frustration, and profit loss. We’re here to bring back the human element; allowing both negotiators and computers do what they do best.

Compassion icon.png


A belief in universal human dignity is core to who we are. Did a teammate make a mistake? Let's teach them how to rectify it. Does a negotiator have totally different values from you? We’ll find a solution that satisfies everyone. Every person is valuable; every outlook worth consideration. From the boardroom to the office, compassion is embedded in everything we do.



As an organization we take integrity seriously. Every team member shows difference to the people around them, and great pains have been taken to ensure our systems respect users as well. For us, integrity means we’re all in this together for one simple reason: passion for improving life & business.



Both socially and educationally, we celebrate diversity in our team as it provides unique perspectives to improve our processes. All stories have value, and all people are welcome here.



While every decision made by our team members is backed by research and sound logic, we recognize that in a people-focused business there is no “one size fits all” solution. When a feature fails or a coworker points out a missing piece, we humbly accept suggestions to improve both ourselves and our product.



We believe that each outlook has unique insight, and that a group is always more than the sum of its parts. As a result our teams work closely in tandem with each other, and input is never ignored because of its source. We built our business on the same core principles we advocate for negotiation: cooperation and collaboration generate the most productive, resilient results.



One of our top priorities is improving business efficiency without sacrificing optimization. From our cross-team collaborative design process to our intuitive user flow, we strive for a smooth journey from start to finish.



The services we provide are built to last. This means that our systems are assembled from the ground up with robustness in mind; it can handle any party complexity, contract type, or asset class. No matter who you are or what you’re negotiating, we can generate a plan that will build you the perfect deal.



Our team’s investigation in all domains has captured an array of best practice principles for negotiation based on scientific research. This insight has enabled us to assemble a comprehensive system for negotiation which decreases time-to-sign and improves contract value on all axes. We structure the process to avoid common pitfalls and improve both communication clarity and trust.

Our Ethics

For some of the augmentation functions provided it is necessary to model users within analytics engines in order to compute optimal solution paths. In these cases, utmost care is taken to represent users as accurately as possible. Recommendations derived from these processes will reflect users’ best interests and will never compromise on representation fidelity.

Analytics systems will always be unbiased towards all data input, whether cognitive, economic, or social. Regardless of user features, IntelleXt will represent you accurately and fairly. In practice this fair treatment will extend to all parties to negotiation, and so our overarching goal is to promote the construction of high value, equitable agreements.

Integrated Augmentation.png


Our goal is that IntelleXt does not replace negotiation.
Instead, the platform is built to improve existing cognitive, economic, and social decision making processes. It connects users to a deep knowledge base of formal logic, human-centric sciences, legal precedent and both macro and micro-economic modeling to increase user performance both at and away from the negotiation table.

Because the platform acts as an extension of user skill-set and knowledge base, participants in the system always remain in full control over the direction and outcome of negotiation.

Our values aren’t just personal standards, but infuse our work as well. In applying these to development we formed three ethical standards to improve contracting efficiency and value while protecting our clientele’s privacy and autonomy.

User Representation.png

Accurate User Representation



In order to assist in decision-making and represent users accurately and fairly, a complex network of user data must be collected on a variety of axes. While some data may be passively observed, any directly solicited information used for recommendations and modeling will remain confidential. Unless explicit permission is granted, no data gathered in this way will be communicated to any party other than the user to whom it refers.

User modeling for social and economic scenario calculation will remain a black box process. All output from these processes are formal proposal recommendations (either interpersonal or economic), from which confidential user data cannot be derived.

Get Started

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us to find out more information about our team, work and product.

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